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Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations

Of all the Alien Characters ,I loved Kosh best of all. more so after Dust from Dust when he helped JKar find Peace and started Londo toward some kind of redemption. In this one he helped Sheridan knowing what the cost was, Not telling Sheridan directly what his intervention was going to mean, As Leeta observed some episodes later Deep down Kosh genuinely cared. Through all of his Enigma you could see someone both wise and caring and compasionate in a way that the rest of his people were not. That always came through about Kosh, he was very sympathetic you pulled for him. Seeing him die like that was heart wrenching, More so when he appeared to Sheridan in the guise of his father to say good bye but he placed a part of himself in Sheridan to protect him.
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