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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
It explicitly states that there's no way whatsoever to know if what the Soul Hunters "captured" were actually souls. The story is very upfront with Franklin saying that, given the right level of technology, it'd be theoretically possible to copy a person's brain patterns, thus effectively copying a person's mind. But there's nothing in the episode that says "These are definitely souls."
(apart from the ep title? ) Yeah I know, but the implication is there along with a massive wedge of stinky matured cheddar. Every person will view an ep of any series with their own personal take on it. Whether they should or shouldn't is irrelevant - they will. It will take probably until the middle of series 4 to work out that JMS gets his characters to tell no lies in the story telling, where Soul Hunter can be taken less... chessily. Most people will only take the ep at face value on first viewing, as I did, and see a guy who hunts for souls. Please... It makes Star Trek look realistic.

The thing that pains me is that Sci-fi is viewed as sad and nerdy by most people (who of course haven't given it a fair trial), but this ep comes in as number 2 after you could've spent weeks, months or even years to get someone to watch it because you know they will find it great, then JMS dumps this stinking pile of nerdy script and Blake's 7 quality props. It's not even very significant for later eps.

Is it to test your resolve? The start to B5, the first 8 eps or so, was it's own worst enemy, the worst of which is almost straight away. Like ST - the universe is the same after the ep concludes, probably the most common of all sci-fi jibes. Here's a new series that claims to be different... no it aint. I hate this ep on so many deep concieted and personal levels it's untrue!
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