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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Worst ep of B5 by a mile. Even grey 13 is missing is better than this!

It fails for many reasons. For a start, it implied souls, afterlife and leads you expecting somewhere down the line a god (and then expecting some sloppy version of it). Not very Sci-fi. For this reason I stopped watching B5 properly after ep 2! and only caught the odd episode until a mate who kept faith said I should keep watching after Coming of Shadows...

Hated the story. It was unconvincing. (still find all soul hunter eps crap, though I'm probably biased - see previous!). The souls are "unconvincing". I found parts of the script too cheesy to bare watching. The props were terrible - the soul taker machinery thing, dear dear. etc. etc. I left thinking - another disappointing sci-fi in the making. JMS was his own worst enemy letting this drivel out at the 2nd ep.

Btw, isn't the guy who plays the soul hunter the same actor who play G'Sten? I'm going by the voice...
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