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Re: Short but sweet Claudia Christian interview

Originally Posted by Truth_Seeker View Post
So it's not just my impression, VL.JMS could be upset with her because she left the show but weren't those morons her managers responsible for this.At least that's what I've heard.
It's a really long story that essentially boils down to this: money. Claudia wanted time off from the fifth season to do some film. jms and the other executive producers had no problem with that; they'd done similar things for others on the show before. The problem came in Claudia wanting the time off to be written into her contract such that she would only be appearing in 18 episodes but still be paid as if she were appearing in all 22 episodes of the season. Legally, if they did this, it would trigger a part of all the other actors' contracts that would enable them to renegotiate their contracts. They just couldn't treat Claudia differently than the other actors.

There was a deadline date that occurred during a convention in England that any of the actors who wanted to be in the fifth season had to sign their contracts by. Claudia didn't sign hers.

The extent of this story is much longer than what I type here; it can be found much more fully described by jms in the 11th scriptbook. But what it came down to was that Claudia tried to get paid more than what her option from her original contract said she could be paid, and if the producers went along with what she wanted, it would trigger a part of all the other actors' contracts enabling them to renegotiate, which would have increased the budget for season five beyond that which TNT and WB would allow for production. It would have prevented season five from happening at all, and studio pressures led to season five barely happening as it was.
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