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Re: Bruce Boxleitner to be in 'Heroes'

Great news that BB is still getting some pretty high profile work. I think he's a top actor and very consistent with it. Good on camera focus and off it. Very pleased!

I think some are being too harsh with Heroes. It's alright. Not in B5's league at all of course, but Heroes, for me, is about how it's written and how everything interacts like a draw-out Pulp Fiction and which IMO is does this particular interaction far better, far more interestingly and with far more mystery. That's what keeps me going. Probably never watch it on DVD as once the mystery is over, that's the end of the entertainment. I won't be watching it hundreds of times over, or looking forward to the day I retire to an old peoples home so I can watch over and over it until I die, like I will with B5...
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