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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
JMS said at the time that it wasn't an AIDS allegory, but based it on what happened with rhe Black Death. But with the way AIDS is wreaking havoc across Africa, and the way people there are seem to be ignorant of it, maybe its becoming more and more of an AIDS allegory. I don't know, just a thought.
The reason JMS compares it to the Black Death is the atheists take on blind faith that the disease was a punishment from god and only the "clean" and repentant would be selected for survival. Huddling together in mass penitence of course only makes such in infectious disease spread faster and does nothing towards finding a cure. A direct sci-fi parable to the Black Death.

The AIDS issue isn't so much about ignorance or a willingness not to believe what's happening infront of your own eyes, it's more about the facilities to actually DO something about it.

Originally Posted by StarForBram View Post
I guess I just didn't like the subject material. The blind religious faith of the Markab annoyed me. I guess this is why I hated "Believers" too. I have a low tolerance for people who blindly let religion dictate their choices in life.
So do I, and I loved this episode (gave it an A btw) for exactly this reason. Believers was plain annoying, although very convincing (if the kids parents annoyed you then the ep probably hit the nail spot-on), but CaL was much more in-your-face and devastating to an entire civilisation. Kinda what can happen if you persist with blind fatih even with evidence everywhere and even the technology to do something about it - it's what you believe, your state of mind, that matters most. All religious people should be made to watch this episode as an important message by example...

It's the first hard-hitting ep of B5 where you get to see an entire race die as a hint of the lack of mercy (and realism) that is to come.
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