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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

Originally Posted by Truth_Seeker View Post
I gave this episode an A.Probably one of the best stand alones in the series.The tragedy of a whole race which is about to become extinct and the desperation of Franklin are very touching.The bravery and compassion of Delenn and Lennier made me ask myself:"Would any of the humans do what they did?"
Well, humans have done that for humans, quite frequently actually. We forget that there have long been people (doctors, nurses, nuns) who have risked death in order to provide aid and comfort to those ailing. Some have, indeed, died from exposure to the disease.

Would an human do that for a virtually unknown alien race? Well, that I can't say by looking at history. Franklin would have, in a shot, if he hadn't been busy trying to find a cure. I think Brother Theo would have, as well. So my instincts tell me "yes, but precious few".
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