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Re: EpDis: Darkness Ascending

Are you serious?

No discussion about this episode in all these years?

Well, I guess I'll start by justifying my B.

Garibaldi still drinking is pretty meh, but the rest of the story really starts to ramp up the tension. I really enjoyed the dialog and conflict between Sheridan and Delenn, it felt very natural and believable for a couple who is both angry with and grateful for the concerns of the other. All in all it was a very emotional episode for Delenn and I feel like her character does that very well. Lennier's discovery was heartbreaking, and the CGI looked very good as a bonus. (The ships broke off into more distinct pieces and explosions were more detailed and natural looking with Season 5 CGI.)

The nervousness in Londo is well done, because we all know whats coming, and the pathway for his tragic circumstances is clearly laid here if it wasn't before.
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