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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

You didn't find it interesting to see a Bester trip from the other point of view? From the intern's perspective, Bester was really treated like crap. And the "mundanes" did act pretty mundane. And you get to see Bester acting kindly, something we don't really see at any other time in the series.

It also showed Bester receiving some teen adoration, which probably no one would have guessed. And it showed a lovely young woman, sweet and charming, casually (even eagerly) toss a man out into hyperspace. Under that sweet, innocent exterior, the corps had already done its job well (dehumanizing the mundane population).

For me it was the interaction between the girl and Bester that made the episode. But, as always, different folks like/dislike different episodes of the show.
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