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Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind

This episode is a B for me.Byron made his biggest mistake by ordering his people to scan the ambassadors.Until that moment his decisions were good but after that everything was ruined with a single wrong sentence spoken before Council.You can't blackmail entire alien governments that you will reveal their secrets and expect cooperation from them.The only two races responsible for the condition of the telepaths were the Vorlons who created them and the humans who enslaved a part of ther own species.The other races had nothing to do with the problem.The request that Byron made was absurd.I don't think that in the B5 universe there is such a thing as a uninhabited habitable planet.If it's habitable there must be life there.Even if it's not sentient life the telepaths can't simply move there because they will interfere with the evolution on this planet.
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