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Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

My opinion is also torn apart by the two stories.

The Marcus/ Neroon story is one of the best in the series so I give it an A+.

Garibaldi's story could have been done much better.Jeremiah and his fellows obviously were some kind of a religious group dedicated to the Minbari concept of the Universe.A great story could come out of this because we know that Garibaldi is not a very religious person.He said many times that he does not believe in souls and one of the main concepts of Minbari religion is the reincarnation.But instead of a wise person to "elighten" Garibaldi we see the nearly crazed and confused Jeremiah.A good idea but a bad realization.Not to mention the "favourite" Zarg monent.So this story gets a C.

Question:How many Zargs does it take to spoil a B5 good episode?
Answer:Just one if he moves his hands the right way;-)
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