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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

I gave this a C only to find to my surprise that I was the only one to have done so.

It didn't seem to fit into the universe very well. Everything else supernatural is pretty much explainable as technology (arguably even telepaths are just bi-products of Vorlon advancements in genetic manipulation), but this doesn't really fall into that category. It also was rather inconsistent.

For example, why was Morden prophetic whereas Lochley's sister was just confused about where she was and what was going on. Why did Lennier, Lochley, Garibaldi, and Londo all skirt around the big question of what the deceased had experienced over the time since they've been dead?

I understand that the characters don't understand the phenomenon either, but it sure doesn't seem to fit into the B5 universe cleanly.

Also, Reebo and Zooty were not very interesting... even as a Penn and Teller fan I found their existence superfluous.

Lolz at actual real life foreshadowing, "we're thinking of getting into politics." Which is exactly what they did with their Bullshit series.
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