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Re: EpDis: Falling Toward Apotheosis

Originally Posted by Truth_Seeker View Post
Absolutely an A.The fight between Kosh and Ulkesh was great.The episode reveals a lot about the Vorlons but also places some new questions:

1.Why all the humans who witnessed the fight saw the two Vorlons simply as pure light if all humans were manipulated to see them as angels?
Well I don't know what you were seeing...but they appeared to be squiddy/jellyfish type things to me! The reason they were seen for how they were, was because they were going Portuguese man o war et man o war, they were under too much stress to put up a "perception suit". Thats what Kosh telepathically used to disguise himself when saving Sheridan (and hence why he described the incident as causing him great strain).

2.What is the reason for the explosion of Ulkesh's ship?(My opinion is that the answer can be found in "Interludes and Examinations" where Delenn explains that Kosh's ship was built only for him.Probably Kosh wanted the fight to end inside the ship because he knew that the ship can't support two Vorlons at the same time and it will explode)
I think the sudden release of energy overloaded the ship and blew it apart. I also think Ulkesh was making a break for it and Kosh stayed with him until the fight became fatal.

Oh and...

[spoiler]If you read one of the JMS short stories that was published in the B5 Mag, you discover that because Ulkesh's ship's fate differed to Kosh's, it is not the last you hear of it[/spoiler]
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