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Re: EpDis: The Very Long Night Of Londo Mollari

I've always loved dream sequences, and this ep also included G'Kar's powerful -- and dead-on true -- observation about Londo's responsibility during the whipping scene. "You could have said something!" "It would have changed nothing." "Perhaps, but you had a responsibility to speak..."

Since I rewatched "Comes the Inquisitor" recently, I just noticed this interesting comparison: Delenn is prepared to die for Sheridan, her destiny be damned, "alone in the dark with no one to see." In Season 4 Londo is placed in a similar situation time and time again, and he never does what she is willing to do. Of course, it could be argued that he feels he has a higher responsibility, to all of Centauri Prime... but what then of Delenn's cry, "One life or a billion, it's all the same!"
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