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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

That's true: many species, or aliens to us, most likely weren't even part of the League of Non-allied Worlds.

As always, I found this episode one of the best of the last season. Just goes to show you: different people have different tastes.

Although, does the episode make sense in the context of the "oh, it was all just a historical simulation"? But then again, I just feel JMS threw that in, without really considering it throughout the entire show. It's honestly the one sort of "cop-out" in the show, IMHO. It adds nothing to the story, and almost seems like a joke he threw in at the last minute.

But if these really were historical documents, not events that we're getting a real peek into, those historians seem to have had access to some pretty trivial records. Or just made stuff up.

In any event, I like the view from the gallery we get. And the episode adds to the image of Delen being generally concerned and considerate of all people in all ranks. Not to mention it adds a bit of a "?" to the whole Byron story. Just what was he doing, and more importantly why, when he let Bo get a peek into the mind of a soldier on the front lines, fending off the attack. And how they seemed equally sympathetic to the invaders as they were to their own races and their own kind.

Was that a genuine attempt to connect with mundanes, of all races and kinds? Or was it more like a lab scientist observing how his lab rats interact with each other?

But of course, Mac and Bo and their conversations really make the episode for me. The only corny dialog, really, that I remember from B5 was when Penn and Teller guest-starred.

Boy, was that a mistake. At least for me.
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