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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

I really disliked this episode, in fact I think it is among the worst of B5. I see there have already been many pages of debating the legitimacy of adding in miscellaneous aliens to B5, but to me it just felt like shoddy writing and half-assed story stretching. Yes yes, it could have been normal and blah and blah and we don't know everything about the unknowns of blah blah and such... but it still feels like crap storytelling to me and no argument about whether or not such an attack fits within the believability of the B5 universe is going to change that for me.

Bo and Mack weren't interesting to me - the dialog was more corny than interesting or moving, and the prosthetics were red fucking helmets.

It also really downplayed the awesome dramatic feel that always comes with actual combat on or near Babylon 5. (Remember how rare shooting was in the first 2 seasons, and how epic it felt when someone finally yelled "Close blast doors!"?) Maybe that was the intent of the episode, but I really wasn't feeling it. Any of it.

The only reason it's not a failure was the Londo / G'kar sequence. D-
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