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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

Originally Posted by torkste View Post
The worst was the G'Kar bit. Before In The Beginning was made, we had this character going from bad to not so bad and then to a sort of nice guy and saviour.
Now suddenly, he was not so bad before he was bad !
The difference between G'Kar ItB and G'kar S1, is that he isn't playing to a crowd. He'splaying the part of a negotiator... trying to strengthen relations with Earth in order to weaken the human's stronger ties to the Centauri. Whether he is good or bad is irrelevent, he is on his best behaviour because he needs to paint the Narns as good and chip away at the accepted perception of the Centauri subtly.

By the time we are in season 1, G'Kar has a very public stage and uses it to good effect, especially in the B5 Council chambers... and don't forget he is face to face with the representative of the race that antagonized the Narns in the distant past. Passions are bound to run high.
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