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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning


There were some epic B5 historical moments which were only hinted at played out in full in this movie. The Ivanova earring thing was very clever, and it's nice to see our Vorlons together without killing each other. There is a good bit of irony here (Sheridan talking about going up against his own government and how terrible it would be)... but I can't fully get past the large number of coincidences:

Everybody knew everybody else 10 years prior... or at least were in the same area without meeting. (Londo and G'kar / Sheridan and Delenn). It didn't hurt the overall story, but it was a large pill to swallow.

It also could've used another 30 minutes and some original Sinclair footage, nonetheless the overall story is so epic and dramatically presented that all of these minor complaints only take it from an A+ to an A- in my book.
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