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Re: EpDis: No Surrender, No Retreat

You also have to remember that Sheridan was aiming to win the battle to a different set of criteria to the Earthforce fleet.

1) He wanted wavering Earthforce ships to sign on with him
2) He wanted enemy ships to surrender and be handed over to the authorities.
3) He needed to continually disprove any notion that he was an enemy of Earth itself.

Therefore if he'd have gone full tilt with the whitestars and gone out of his way to destroy the hardcore Clarke vessels, he'd have probably eliminated any hope of winning round the other ships.

Clarke's ships did not have that moral predicament and had no reason to hesitate in "blowing him out of the sky".

Much more importantly, if I recall... the Captain of the EAS Furies - Stephanie Eckland... was rather hot. She didn't get any speaking lines though alas... and i can't find any screen caps etc.
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