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Re: EpDis: Thirdspace

Originally Posted by Elipsis View Post
I also enjoyed the huge scene between Zack and Zack in the elevator. Quite amusing and not the kind of thing you'd have time to do at length in a 45 minute haul.
Is "between Zack and Zack" a typo, or a joke referencing the conversation being so one-sided? I like that scene a lot too. And to think that the scene wasn't originally in the script, having been written to be added when they realized they were coming in short.

I would've liked a better explanation as to where the fuck they came from. If B5 takes place entirely in the Milky Way, were they simply from beyond our galaxy? The usage of the word "universe" confuses me here.
I thought it was sufficiently stated that they were from an alternate dimension.

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