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Re: EpDis: Thirdspace

We just watched this approximately chronologically where it should be in the S4 story.

First off, the special FX are just fucking gorgeous. They really came a long way throughout the series in improving detail and quality of their graphics, and it really shows here.

The story itself, though only loosely related to anything else in the main series, stands on its own as good. Not amazing or gripping by any means, but solidly entertaining and as appropriately epic as the first* B5 movie ought to be.

I also enjoyed the huge scene between Zack and Zack in the elevator. Quite amusing and not the kind of thing you'd have time to do at length in a 45 minute haul.

It's always risky to play the "well, the Vorlon Shadow threat was kinda bad, but here's an even bigger one" card, but they introduced it well.

I found it cool that they worked in all the abilities from the first ones into a single race

-Weird cloaking invisible power (Shadows)
-Telepathy (Vorlons)
-Energy Drain Technology (Sigma 957 Aliens)

I would've liked a better explanation as to where the fuck they came from. If B5 takes place entirely in the Milky Way, were they simply from beyond our galaxy? The usage of the word "universe" confuses me here.

I really liked the scene where the white star is just plowing firepower into this thirdspace ship, which just calmly turns and fires at the whitestar before taking any damage.

Would give it an A, but they never did anything with the story, and tended to dismiss the "a few thirdspace ships / aliens are now wandering around our galaxy" line.

Also, all the fighting and why certain people were mind controlled and others weren't... was never really properly explained or even noticed by any of our characters... and I don't like getting hit that hard in the face by unexplainable plot devices.

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