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Re: World War Z

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
That name "Black list" doesn't sound impressive, but, I get the impression your post means several producers will be "fighting" over the opportunity to make it? That's great news. Brad Pitt's Production company are the ones who optioned it, right? Any idea if that's any indication who might direct?
I gather that the 'black list' name is a swipe at the McCarthy-era blacklist. The new one is desireable to be placed on.

Yes, Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment commissioned it and Paramount is listed as the distributor. This is what JMS said in his latest year-end roundup post
( ):

Paramount is still looking for an a-list director for World War Z, and
the moment they find one who says yes, that will go into production.
These are solid production offers.
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