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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

Heavily philosophical, I am always torn between wanting to see this end in explosions or reason. I suppose we get our explosions with the earth conflict. I would've liked to have seen this as a 2-parter, but after reading the lurker's guide, I've got to agree that more shooting and space battles wouldn't have changed the way it had to end. Sheridan himself said that they could not win that battle, and to have them do so would have been unnatural given the strength of the first ones.

The story always gets me wondering why the Vorlons went nuts when they did. Perhaps it was the death of Kosh, but I feel like the reasons as to why the Vorlons and Shadows don't attack each other is essentially valid.

It goes beyond wanting to leave the other side alive so they can see that you are right. To erase the other side would be to admit defeat. It would have meant admitting that the idea of evolution through chaos was more attractive to the younger races, and thus must be destroyed. If the Shadow idea was truly weaker than the Vorlon idea, it would fall on its own without Vorlon intervention. It's analogous to wanting to be the fastest runner in the world. Rather than training to be the fastest, you simply kill everyone who runs faster than you. Of course, doing so wouldn't really make you any faster, you'd simply be the fastest person that anyone else knows about. Ok, that was a silly analogy... but the point is that for one race to eliminate the other would have been admitting idealogical inferiority. So IMO it goes a little bit deeper than leaving the other side around just so they see you succeed.
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