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Re: EpDis: Falling Toward Apotheosis

I really liked this one for many of the reasons stated above.

I'm giving it an A.

One question I'm hoping someone hear could answer. While Kosh and Ulkesh formerly had a respect for each other, it's clear to me that Kosh realized that Ulkesh had to be stopped.

However, it appears that

Kosh went with the new vorlon into the ship, and that final blast was what did the job ultimately.

My question is about the "final blast." What caused it? B5 didn't shoot it. Does that mean that Kosh self destructed the ship somehow to destroy Ulkesh (and likely prevent immediately retaliation on B5). What exactly went on that caused the ship to blow and kill Kosh and Ulkesh? I'm assuming Kosh did it, but is there any clarification on this?
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