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Re: EpDis: And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place

Giving this a solid B. The kiss at the end was nice to finally see (well we already saw it in WWE but it hasn't happened yet). The story of Lord Refa's demise was clever. At first I thought the twist was poorly thought out but upon rewatching, G'kar never actually does tell anybody that he is going to rescue Na'Toth... because he knows he's not from the start.

Why not an A? Among other reasons I was bothered by the premise of a struggle between Londo and Mulari in the first place. How can they both be struggling to "get their own people into positions of power"? Wasn't this already taken care of in Season 2? The scene in "The Long, Twilight Struggle" with Refa in the thrown room certainly implies they had achieved this goal... and it was even said that Cartaga is more or less a figurehead for Londo and Refa... so what gives with them competing for power in the royal court? While I imagine that Centari politics are volatile, this plot seemed a little contrived as it felt like a step backwards.

I also didn't like that the one time Vir finds out that Londo didn't do the terrible thing he expected him to do... he gets completely bent out of shape about it. I was thinking to myself... "This is the one time Vir should be proud of Londo."
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