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Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

Listening to the religious zealot glasses face guy repeat the same thing over and over again was fucking terrible. The perfect predator was useless (slow and not very bright - lumbering into the same steam pipe twice). That was a C- story.

On the other hand, I give the story of Marcus and Naroon a solid A. Great dialog and I contest that they deliberately scare you by playing very similar music to the "Kosh is dying" scene for part of Marcus's fight, making you think that this might be Marcus's last stop.

Plus the continuity from War Without End was satisfying.

Two observations:

1) Naroon is excellent at coming in to an episode like a total douche and leaving as an OK guy.

2) Marcus's fighting style consists primarily of facing the wrong way during the fight. Not very effective in my opinion... I suppose that's why he was beaten whereas Sinclair succeeded, lol.

Final grade = B.

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