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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

It's almost too much awesome to handle, Sinclair and Sheridan together.

Marcus's reaction is priceless, the realization that more or less he's been hanging out with the Minbari Christ-figure.

Time travel is always alittle bit hard to follow. Minor inconstancies aside, considering that time travel stories are almost always garbage, it's nice to see a careful enough job done that the story makes sense. I'm a little sketchy on writing yourself notes from the past, but I think it holds as long as you don't do something ridiculous like be both of your our own parents like that one short story whose name escapes me...

I'm not altogether thrilled with the "I have to do this because I've already done it," logic... but oh well. I could sit here and ponder time travel all post... but none of that takes away from the fact that the episode was excellent.
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