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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part One

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
While I love a great space battle, I appreciate what you say. But the battle that we glimpsed in Babylon Squared seemed to be the battle to end all battles, and what was important about it was that our characters, and the station itself, were in the thick of it. In terms of storytelling and characterisation it could have been a really rich story to tell, much like the battle in Severed Dreams, which was memorable because of the emotional intensity. For instance, it seemed to be the culmination of Garibaldi's story-arc (of course, his story went down a different path, happilly for him). And, when we first saw that scene in Babylon Squared, we had no idea who they were fighting, and the mystery added to the scene.

Plus, what we saw in Babylon Squared looked like nothing I've ever seen on TV since. It would have been really epic! Instead, it amounted to nothing more than a dream.

Even in Bē, it was pretty clear to me that they were losing that battle. The shadow invasion and destruction of B5 were NOT something that was meant to turn into reality. It might've been a hell of a thing to watch, but it also would have meant that almost all of our characters are dead.
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