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Re: EpDis: Learning Curve

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
I can't remember: what happened to Marcus on Mars?
I got a little mixed up.

Marcus spoke of being from a colony and I misheard Mars (A Late Delivery from Avalon), his early life and the event I was referring to (the Shadow attack that killed his brother, the place he worked and a woman he was particularly fond of), happened on a different colony - Arisia:

Marcus Cole was born on the Arisia Mining Colony, where his family operated a relatively dangerous mining operation. His brother William had left the colony and become a Ranger on Minbar; he was killed by the Shadows while visiting Marcus on Arisia. Marcus was one of the few survivors (if not the only survivor) of the attack. Much of Marcus Cole's early background is told in the novelization To Dream In the City of Sorrows (ISBN 0-345-45219-4) by Kathryn Drennan.

Marcus joined the Rangers following the death of his brother, William, and at times he seems to have joined the Rangers as a form of guilt over his brother's death.
My bad.

The point I was making was that in all likelihood, the event that caused him most terror was probably the one that led to him joining the rangers in the first place. Certainly, Turval was aware of it in the episode we are discussing... and he obviously saw it as a cause for concern.

I suppose for Lennier, terror would be facing up to his actions/inaction with regard to Sheridan in "Objects at Rest".
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