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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

Originally Posted by GaribaldisHair
...Can the audience sympathise with his situation and his cause without liking him?

Me? Yes I could.
I, too. I doubt I could ever be friends with Byron, but that doesn't mean I think he's entirely wrong. I think a lot of people look at Byron and think he's supposed to be the Great Crusader of the telepath resistance plot line, but he's not. He's meant to be what sparks Lyta to become the Great Crusader, and that's about it. The rest of his characterization is left to show us how even those who fight against the Psi Corps can still be screwed up by having been raised/trained by the Corps; the Corps' influence on a person is far-reaching because they, pardon the pun, get into your mind. Also, we have to remember where the story of Byron and his group came from: from jms's time spent as a member of a somewhat freaky religious commune, something he eventually mentally freed himself from and left after some time. The audience isn't really supposed to want to run out and join Byron's group, but see it and realize exactly how screwed up being diseffected from society can make a person, see to what sort of strangeness someone who's desperate for welcoming and belonging will turn to, and how that doesn't necessarily make them a better person.
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