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Re: EpDis: Learning Curve

Pillow Rock makes good points.

In script book #12, JMS makes it clear that this is one of the episodes he wishes would drop off of a pier someplace. The story of how he came up with the story of the Ranger facing his terror, though, is a part of his personal history. He was mugged when he was young and almost died of his injuries. Upon leaving the hospital, before anything else, he needed to go back to that site and face his fear.

I never had a problem with the Mor'a'dum (sp?) because we already knew from Marcus that the Rangers teach their people "...terror. How to use it and how to face it." Anyway, if this is part of the Minbari tradition, it's not against the law for them. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking of the Minbari by human values but it's still supposed to be an alien culture.

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