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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

Yeck. Pretty massive suck.

Franklin giving holier-than-thou crap to a race for genocide which was commited on its planet 800 years ago? Come on. Like humans had, at that point, not commited genocide in the last 800 years. Franklin just wouldn't be such a tosspot.

I do have to wonder about people, though, that can watch this episode .. and STILL don't believe that Byron is a whiny, hypocritic little shit.

Okay. One of his guys gets attacked in downbelow. He's brought into medlab, Franklin is trying to save him. Franklin asks Byron what happened. Byron, while seeming perfectly composed, gives Franklin something along the lines of ..

"He was attacked. By one of YOU."

Yeah, right. FRANKLIN is to blame. He's a normal, so of course he approves of this kind of stuff. Never mind the part where Franklin was running the underground railroad for years, getting thousands of telepaths out of Psi Corp, doing more for telepaths than Byron ever would do. What a petty little bigot Byron is.

Never mind the complete retardedness of his assertion in the end that the whole universe is to blame for his problems.
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