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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

Originally Posted by maneth View Post
However, that makes me wonder, why can the Narns, who haven't had telepaths in centuries, see the Vorlons, while the Centauri who have telepaths working for the court can't? Is that because they've always been closer to the Shadows than the Vorlons, or what?
It's because Kosh didn't want Londo to see him, presumable due to his connection with the Shadows.

Kosh wasn't showing his genuine form during that incident, he was projecting himself in a manner that everybody saw him in a certain way... which is why he appeared different to all... but followed the same general description (angelic).

There is nothing to indicate all Centauri fail to perceive Kosh, because IIRC the only Centauri asked is Londo.

A lot of people may feel that Kosh was being unfair to Londo but actually I think he was doing it for a good reason. By excluding Londo from the exxperience that everybody else was sharing in, he may have hope to inspire londo to question himself, question the path he was on.

Although the Centauri Prime trilogy books do have a slightly different take on what Londo saw.
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