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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

No, I don't think the First Ones' "going beyond the rim" involved dying, at least not with any certainty. It was clearly vacating our galaxy, and leaving it to the younger races, but it was also a voyage of exploration for them, as they were going into uncharted territory. I see many different possibilities for their fate, or perhaps fates. They may well have become incorporeal, and stayed that way, another step in their evolution. They might have gone dormant, leaving one or two conscious, to guide their ships to another galaxy. They may have met other First Ones, from other galaxies, in the darkness between galaxies, or perhaps some other kind of intelligent beings that lived between galaxies. Or, perhaps they read Zen, and became "one with the universe." I am sure there are other possibilities as well... perhaps slipping into another dimension?
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