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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

I don't think they died out, at least not voluntarily. They went literally out of the galaxy, but to survive there for any length of time without possibility of resupply, they had to become incorporeal.

The Vorlons and Shadows are interesting creatures. Certainly the Vorlons have some corporeal element, or else it would be impossible to poison them. However, I suspect that they are able to convert into completely incorporeal entities when needed. Obviously they must be the most superior telepaths of the Galaxy, it was they who bred the ability into the younger races after all, or else they wouldn't be able to change their appearance according to whim. However, that makes me wonder, why can the Narns, who haven't had telepaths in centuries, see the Vorlons, while the Centauri who have telepaths working for the court can't? Is that because they've always been closer to the Shadows than the Vorlons, or what?
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