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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

Originally Posted by maneth View Post
I always thought that passing beyond the rim meant becoming a being of energy like Shadows and Vorlons, as happened to humans eventually.
I always figured that the expression "Passing beyond the rim" as used in the show (such as in Into The Fire) meant literally what it said ... that the First Ones (in this case) were literally leaving the galaxy (or 'Getting the Hell out' if you prefer), physically passing beyond the borders of known space into what lay beyond.

Spoiler for The Lost Tales:
TLT heavily implies the same thing with Lochley's comments about G'Kar and Franklin exploring beyond the rim. Granted that was clearly meant to be a tribute to the passing of the actors, but it fits with the notion that going beyond the rim is something physical and literal rather than a transition from Corporeal to non-Corporeal being.

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