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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
What kind of leadership do you mean? Leading people in their faith, or in how they vote?

I know many religious folk out there do honestly think secularists are "out to get them". And undoubtedly there are some individuals who are. But most of the time secularism is fighting the abuses of the religious majority (or whomever considers themselves the religious majority). So we have laws about losing your tax-free status as a church if you are using it to influence voters, for example. You could still do it, and still be a church, you just won't have that nice tax-free status anymore. So the choice is a fair one, I think.
Well I was moving on because I didn't feel KF's continuation of my expression - though relevant, was applicable in the same way in Britain. As far as I know, we don't have substantial political endorsement by the church of any kind. Yes we have leaders that need throwing out... but not for the same reasons.

I've never known a church in the UK... not in my XP anyway, that advocates voting for any party. You might get a leader who talks about certain issues, but I've never heard of politicians or parties getting a seal of approval or endorsement. The most outspoken the CofE has got in terms of national politics (aside from Make Poverty History) is when it joined in a multifaith statement denouncing the handling of the Iraq conflict.

I genuinely think the relationship between our political and religious affairs is not as heavily intertwined as in America

I'd like to know if any other Brits feel my understanding of the facts is not accurate... and if they could cite examples that would be helpful.
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