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Re: Marcus???

Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
It wasnt that he needed her to be cool. I agree there could be some very good stories with his adevntures inside the Anla'Shok. However the point i was making is that i would consider it slightly strange where marcus to re-emmerge in the B5 universe, with no ivanova given that he "gave up his life" to save her. If she wasnt in it with Marcus, which given Cakudia's outward hostility towards JMS seems likely, then atleast a mention of ivanova would be needed IMO.

But if Marcus were in a Lost Tale, it would be something that happened before his death. So he wouldn't actually have given up his life for Ivanova. Yet.

I guess my point was that so many people out there in B5 fandom see them as a unit: Marcus/Ivanova, the romantic icon, an excuse for fanfic. To me, that 'romance' (if you can call it that) was a very minor part of their story.

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