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Re: EpDis: Passing Through Gethsemane

I don't agree with the argument that his former personality was coming back, just because his memories had returned.

Edward's killers wanted him to remember so he would know why they were killing him... in many ways that made it easier for them to do the job with what they would falsely call "a clean conscience".

I like to think that Edward was holding out against his former personality.

Aside from my thoughts, why would the killers risk reintegrating Edwards former personality - a psychotic killer? It would potentially make the desired outcome harder to achieve... possibly even backfire... resluting in harm coming to themselves.

The question is not just a matter of spirituality. It carries legal ramifications as well.

Do we consider the punishment or rehabilitation of criminals as paramount. If we say the latter, than can we truly say a person has been rehabilitated if they remain unaware of their actions.

If the problem that led to the criminal behaviour is a deeply psychologiucal one... surely it is better to repair the psychological flaws... without damaging the memory. Of course this then raises a harsh question for the criminal post treatment... how do you live with what you have done, once you are able to rationalise how terrible it truly was?

Again as Edward said.... how can there be forgiveness if there is no repentance?
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