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Re: Marcus???

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I think it's mostly the men who have such a huge problem with the character Byron.
That does NOT line up with my personal experiences.

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I think the sad truth is that most of us just can't relate to someone making such a major change that he'd risk his own life to try to find a better option for his people. Of course he was out to help his people, and his people only. What do you expect?
He is the kind of guy, though, that will end up hurting a cause he pledges himself to, through his irrational zeal.

Byron was angry. He had every right to be angry. He had every right to live out his anger. But he was so blinded by his anger, he couldn't figure out WHERE to direct it.

So what do we get? Him giving atittude to alien worlds, the Interstellar Alliance, and Sheridan. The Interstellar Aliance, which had recently forced Earth to grant Mars independence, and had given every indication to be willing to force ethics down its members throats when need be. Sheridan, who had just weeks earlier personally taken out a dictatorship largely ruled by Byron's mortal enemy. Who had given him the chance to establish a colony. Alien races who ALL deal with telepaths in vastly better ways than Earth does.

Valuable potential allies for his cause. So what does he do? Reason with them? Try to get them over to their side? No, as he's too busy being a whiny little bitch, boo hoo. And he's also angry. ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY. Like a child that was abused that grows up to see the whole world responsible for its pain, when its pain was caused quite specifically by a single person.

It's understandable behaviour, really, as abuse does not leave people rational. But when someone like this becomes a representative of any sort for a group of people, it's bad, bad news.

Oh, and while alienating vast numbers of people - on screen, and in front of TV sets - goes around pretending to be all about "love" - which he obviously is NOT. Which makes him, aside from a whiny little bitch that is counterproductive to his cause, a bloody hypocrite.

I don't see what ANY of this has to do with my gender
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