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I think that's intended. Byron holds the position of rebel telepath leader, and I think that we all are conditioned due to knowing how horrible the Psi Corps is to look at that position and think that someone in that position has gotta be a hero type that we should easily like. So we develop this kind of dissonance of opinion over him. But I don't think we were ever meant to like Byron as if he could be a friend. He was still a product of Psi Corps and Bester: he thought telepaths were superior to non-telepaths, and he could never truly be the leader telepaths needed to fight back against Psi Corps.

That is a good point; I would add that Byron probably retained the same personality that he would have had if Ivanova had remained for the 5th season. As JMS intended to show that he was not the right one for her, I think it makes sense that there would be elements of his personality that fans would see and react against. If he had a character with which more fans idenified and felt sympathy for, then it would be harder to portray him as a failed relationship for Ivanova.
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