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Re: Marcus???

Originally Posted by raw_bean View Post
I thought RAD was quite good as Morann,
He was easier to take as Morann, but then again that character was supposed to be annoying. RAD as Byron grates on my nerves.

Originally Posted by raw_bean View Post
...and I even thought he did quite well with Byron, and some of the writing for the character was quite good.
He, the character and the actor, was too effeminate for me to stand. I couldn't see either Ivanova or Lyta going for a guy like him in a million years. Marcus, yeah, but not Byron!

Originally Posted by raw_bean View Post
...I think the problem was that he was a character who could have been ok in small doses, but we just got too damn much of him.
That was part of the problem. Other parts were his long, wavy blonde hair, the passivity, and the whole bohemian. longhaired group.
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