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Re: Marcus???

Originally Posted by maneth View Post
Yeah, I liked Marcus. Even though Claudia Christian is one of my favorite actresses and Ivanova my favorite character on B5, I don't think it was fair to sacrifice Marcus for her sake, especially since she left the show.
Marcus's sacrifice was written and filmed before Claudia chose to leave the show; jms has said that had he known when he wrote it that Claudia would eventually choose to leave, he wouldn't have killed Marcus. Marcus's sacrifice was a set up for what would become a relationship between Ivanova and Byron in season five; Ivanova would be afraid of *not acting* on her feelings toward Byron out of regret for having not acted on her feelings toward Marcus. And in that would have been the biggest element of the drama of the whole telepath colony arc, if you ask me -- that and Ivanova having to call in Bester to deal with the rogue telepaths.
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