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I just re-watched this episode this weekend and am thinking more that it was Talia that hung over him, not Lise. He mentions how news of Lise really messed him up, but then he says ". . . then there's this lady that I shouldn't have a shot in hell with . . ." and continues " . . . maybe its with this other lady, maybe its with you, but for once in my life I want to slow down and think . . ."

The poor guy doesn't know it, but Talia has already made her decision on who she wants to be with at the end of "A Race Through Dark Places" when she goes into Ivanova's quarters late and calls her ". . . the only person on the station she could think of."

I still think Garibaldi should've thought of all that Lise/Talia stuff before laying the girl down on his bed and then stopping--ya just don't tease like that.
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