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I don't know military protocol enough to be bothered by the glitches there, but we must remember that in spite of his position, Garibaldi has always been an anti-authority guy. He didn't like General Franklin stamping in and giving orders where he would've accepted them from Sheridan.

I never really saw the point why the GROPOS couldn't be quartered in their ships. Why did they have to invade B5? Sure, the guys could use some shore leave, but let them visit the station for a few hours each, and not all at the same time. I suspect that was only because they wanted to make things chaotic on station, and for Dodger to hook up with Garibaldi.

I found Garibaldi's refusal of Dodger at that stage a bit weird, but surely not all guys are ruled by their gonads? Garibaldi loved Lise, and he only realized how much when he found out she was married.
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