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Re: EpDis: Crusade: War Zone

Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
"B" - Good

I always hear people berating this epsiode. That it was unnescesary and sloppy. I think it serves better as an opening episode than "Racing The Night" could have.
What? People berate "War Zone" for the obligitory TNT added bits (e.g. the opening fistfight, the "Show Earth in chaos." riot footage, etc.). "Racing The Night" works fine as an opening episode, IF it's shown immediately after "A Call to Arms" which is how "Racing the Night" was supposed to be shown.

Instead, TNT aired them as follows:

"A Call to Arms" January 3, 1999

five month gap due to basketball

“War Zone” June 9, 1999
"A Call to Arms" June 9, 1999 (AFTER "War Zone")
“The Long Road” June 16,1999 (1st game of NBA finals)
“The Well of Forever” June 23,1999 (4th game of NBA finals)
“The Path of Sorrows” June 30,1999 (NBA Draft, so Crusade started at Midnight)
“Patterns of the Soul” July 7,1999
“Ruling from the Tomb” July 14,1999
“The Rules of the Game” July 21,1999 (JFK Jr. plane crash)
“Appearances and Other Deceits” July 28,1999

airing of the first five episodes shot, the grey/red uniform episodes

“Racing the Night” August 4,1999
“The Memory of War” August 11,1999
“The Needs of Earth” August 18,1999
“Visitors from Down the Street” August 25,1999
“Each Night I Dream of Home” September 1,1999

Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
While some scenes from A Call To Arms were reused this still remains one of my favourite episodes,
I've seen this episode MANY times, and I don't mind watching it except for the parts I mentioned in my first post in this thread.

Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
the only thing damaging this episode in my opinion is the appearance of Trace Miller. That charcter seriously annoyed me so it is a good thing that he only appeared in 2 out of 13 episodes.
Naah, he's OK. He was starting to get better in his second episode, "Ruling from the Tomb". In "War Zone", he'd have been OK if only SOMEBODY would have cut that damned strand of hair or glued it into place. If it had acted up any more, they'd have had to name it (Herbie - the stubborn strand of hair.)and pay it a fee.
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