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GROPOS is a B-episode to me. I liked it for the most part. Cheesy bar fight scenes and all.

I'm on the "black dude is cool" bandwagon.

I'm also in the "don't know enough of military protocol to get really peeved at various inconsistencies" crowd. Though reading this now, it sort of fits with Garibaldi's character to do the hand-in-pockets bit on purpose.

Dodger was feisty and looked like she'd be an animal under the sheets (guess Garibaldi will never know). Twice rejecting her!! Doesn't make much sense that he rejected her and makes even less sense that they brought her back for "Day of the Dead". The man rejected her when Lise was out of the picture, now that he's practically married he'll go for it, c'mon. Instead have Talia come back and really cause a dilemma for Garibaldi (and Doyle in real life). Gen. Franklin was an OK character being played by a good actor.

For having nothing to do with the main arc, the episode held up pretty well. As far as blowing the budget out of the water; if its any consolation to JMS, I could tell they pulled out all the stops to make this episode. From the CGI invasion, to the landing of all the troops on B5. Its one of those episodes I point to and go see how much better B5 is than all the other shows at giving your imagination a break and actually SHOWING you its universe.
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