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Two points on the episode after having watched it earlier today:

* Is Larry DiTillio some kind of monk? Has he actually ever *met* a man?? Though I'm the least qualified person in the universe to speak of how to deal with women, with my immense crap-with-the-ladies aura, which I by now cannot put down to anything but voodoo or some shit ... oh boy.

GKE is completely right, Garibaldi is beyond dork here. Not wanting to shag her? Okay, also if his reasons seem silly to us. But only thinking of that after having dragged her to his quarters? Garibaldi would never be that much of a loser.

* JMS speaking on this episode:
As for GROPOS, that one episode was so far over budget that I had to write 2 smaller ones to make up for it, and the many people you saw were really just one small group that took forever to digitally composite into looking like a much bigger group.
Aside from it being an awful waste on GROPOS, I'm trying to figure out which ones these would be. I would have thought Hunter, Prey and There all the Honor Lies. As the latter is a Peter David episode though, that doesn't quite seem right. Comes The Inquisitor?
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