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Re: EpDis: A Spider In The Web

Having just seen it again yesterday .. STILL not my favourite. When I first saw it, 11 years ago when I was 11 (EGADS!), I was completely "WOW"-ed. Now I just notice how .. very 11 I was at the time.

B5 for me is unique not only in the fact that it's simply the most awesome TV show ever made, but in that it's a show I always trusted. I always knew there was a payoff coming.

Except for here. Yeah, payoff comes if one sees Bureau 13 as just another facette of Psi Corps. Nevertheless, Sheridan's "There is a spider in its web .. and I will find it, and kill it" is a very big promise that is never built on.

And mystery woman in San Diego. That she is never seen again actually makes sense - she'd be quite a rubbish secret operative if we kept seeing her. Still .. Talia's SHOCK! moment came off as extremely lame considering this - and considering that Talia only saw her in a year-old memory, where's the shock in her being dead?
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