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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

[QUOTE=crazyhorse;306873]I think in these episodes we see the beginning of the change in G'Kar from being the war mongering,devious little shithead into a more complex character.I did find it amusing how he was a scardey pants in Parliament yet concerned in Mind War.

I don't get you here. You can be concerned for someone (especially if you think saving her might gain you political favor with the highest officer on B5) and still be afraid of an assasin who is from a guild that takes its executions very seriously.

He's concerend for his life, knowing his people's best assasins are after him. Saving the Captain's girlfriend (especially since he didn't go himself, he requested other narns to go out and pick her up) doesn't take courage, in particular. It take political savvy, as I see it.

Anyway, yes, I enjoyed the episode but I know like always it isn't everyone's favorites.
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